A Complementary Tool for Paralegals

Attesta AI is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for case managers and reviewers to prepare, review, and collaborate on medical legal cases, and save time and money on the document discovery process.


Easy Access


Smart e-discovery


Data Security

Thorough and Reliable

Attesta looks at every page uploaded to conduct an incredibly thorough review of the case, including any handwritten notes that may be in your case file! This makes it easy to keep track of every relevant detail in your case.

Remote access for collaboration

Efficient Collaboration

We have tackled the issue of efficiently collaborating with others while reviewing the case file.

Reviewers can:

  • Create notes that can be added to the case summary
  • Create tags that allow them to return to specific sections later.

This ease of collaboration is at no risk to the security of the data and information in the case.

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Efficient Collboration
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Our customers love it

Understand the Context of the Case

Attesta allows for an expansive, 360 view of the case, so you know all the facts in the medical record that have been submitted.

Attesta AI can:

  • Read and understand the context of the documents.
  • Identify authorship, dates, and other critical data points.
  • Allow authorized users to verify the data and make modifications for attorney review.
  • Embed Hyperlinks for instant access to all source documents.
  • Offer a Timeline View of medical and related events for complete contextual analysis.
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